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Increasing student achievement through the systemic alignment of technology, policies, and curriculum in a multi-tiered system of supports.

AT & UDL Loan Library - Online Resource


As a part of Florida's MTSS Projects, this online resource library is designed to help districts and schools implement a universal, differentiated core curriculum based on the Florida Standards. The assistive technologies available in this library can be used to identify which technologies will best support students with disabilities to participate and progress in the core curriculum. The Universal Design for Learning technologies can be used to identify effective, instructional pedagogies that support highly effective learning environments.


AT-UDL Resource Library - Online Resource


This is an online library, filled with information and resources on assistive technology, accessible instructional materials, augmentative communication, learning technologies, and Universal Design for Learning.


Feel free to browse, download resources, and hopefully contributing to this library by sharing resources you have found or created. Like any library, it will only continue to grow if there are both borrowers and lenders. Please submit items you feel would be helpful for others to use.


MTSS Technology Fact Sheet - Handout


Technology can provide a wide range of problem-solving solutions at each tier within a multi-tiered system of supports. This handout provides ideas and general information on the following topics:


  • Data Systems
  • Instruction/Interventions
  • Engagement


AIM-AT-UDL Implementation Plan - Handout


This Implementation Plan addresses the alignment of services and supports for accessible instructional materials, assistive technology, and Universal Design for Learning through the state, regional, local, and direct service levels.

MTSS-DI-UDL - Handout


This single page handout provides a short list of some of the core differences between a multi-tiered system of supports, differentiated instruction, and universal design for learning.



A Conceptual Framework for MTSS & Technology - Handout


This one page handout provides a quick overview of the target areas for technology support within a framework that includes a multi-tiered system of supports, universal design for learning, independent learning skills, and specially designed instruction.


Conceptual Framework for MTSS Graphic


What's so "Special" About Special Education? An Alignment of Specially Designed Instruction and an MTSS - Handout


This four page handout provides a definition of "specially designed instruction" and how it fits within a multi-tiered system of supports framework.


TAP (Technical Assistance Paper) on What's so "Special" About Special Education?



BEESS Manual - Accommodations for Florida's Statewide Student Assessments


Publication that provides guidance on planning for high stakes assessment accommodations for students with disabilities. From the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services, Florida Department of Education.



BEESS Technical Assistance Papers


Technical assistance papers from the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services, Florida Department of Education.


Assistive Technology TAP

Accessible Instructional Materials TAP



Assistive Technology Brochure


An introduction to assistive technology with student/classroom examples. Developed by the Assistive Technology work group of the state Technology Advisory Committee (TAC).



Flexible Digital Instructional Materials Discussion Guide - Handout


This one page handout provides a basic set of indicators for evaluating digital instructional materials and accessibility. Categories include:


Presentation features

Navigation features

Study tools

Assistive technology supports


Publishers UDL Rubric - Print Resource


Districts can use this rubric to evaluate the flexibility of instructional materials.



Universal Design for Learning (UDL) - Infographic


This infographic gives a big picture overview of the basic principles of Universal Design for Learning, along with some online resources to explore.




Game On! - Game


A board game where you help students achieve full option graduation. The game sheet includes links to online or iOS dice to use for game plan and play pieces you can cut out for the students. Game squares include icons for accessible instructional materials, assistive technology, multi-tiered system of supports, and universal design for learning. Land on one of those squares and you have to give a classroom example to move forward. There are also icons for not meeting a student's needs. Land on one of those squares and you have to move back 3 spaces. You can use this game as a way for training participants to share what they have been learning.




Academic, Psychological, & Social Engagement Apps for iOS Devices - Handout


This four page PDF document provides information and links to iOS apps that support:


Academic Engagement - "I can"

Psychological Engagement - "I want to"

Social Engagement - "I belong"




AT & UDL Newsletter - Digital Resource


This newsletter is designed to facilitate a statewide and regional alignment of accessible instructional materials, assistive and instructional technologies, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and virtual learning to support Florida's implementation of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS).


You can sign up to receive the newsletter at


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Reading & Study Digital Tools - PDF Booklet


Reading & Study Digital Tools is a 74 page booklet filled with step-by-step tutorials on how to use reading support and study support features in a variety of software programs that support digital text and digital books. Examples include:




Reducing visual distractions

Using highlighters

Color adjustments

Sticky notes

Comprehension supports

 . . . and more!


Technology & Learning Connections Brochure - Handout


The TLC Brochure is a four page PDF document that provides a basic overview of the mission of the Technology & Learning Connections Team, as well as information on the following topics.


Florida's MTSS Online Resources

Problem Solving with Technology & Within Tiers

Ideas for Increasing Levels of Engagement


Contact Information


Exploring Technology & Learning Connections


Online resource for exploring the connections between technology and:


Universal Design for Learning

Assistive Technology

Accessible Instructional Materials

Reading, Writing, and Publishing




. . . and more!


UDL and Technology - Putting It Together for Student Success


Online resource for exploring the connections between technology and learning. Topics include:


Universal Design for Learning


Student Response Systems (Free)

Reading & Writing

Science & Math



Virtual Reality