Florida's Multi Tiered System of Supports


Exploring Technology & Learning Connections

Join us in exploring a world of technology & learning connections that can help all students excel! Our goal is to help all schools and teachers to develop a universal, differentiated core curriculum based on the Florida Standards in a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). Every school is different, and how you use these technology tools depends on your local needs. Hopefully the resources here will help you realize that there are so many possibilities. This is a wonderful time to be in education!

We are the Technology & Learning Connections Team, a part of the Problem Solving/RtI Project at the University of South Florida. Below are some links to online MTSS resources, followed by a few of our resources.

MTSS Online Resources

Technology & Learning Connections

Florida's MTSS Projects

Myths and Truths about RtI and a MTSS

Florida's MTSS Technical Assistance Contacts

Problem Solving/Response to Intervention Project

Florida's Positive Behavior Support Project

4 & 8 Step Problem Solving - a quick overview of these two problem solving processes

TLC Resources

TLC Brochure

The Technology & Learning Connections brochure is a four page PDF document that provides a basic overview of the TLC Team and our contact information.

TLC Brochure

Reading & Study Accommodations Cover

Reading & Study Digital Tools includes step-by-step tutorials on digital tools and accommodations such as:

Reducing visual distractions
Using highlighters
Color adjustments
Comprehension supports
. . . and more!

Reading & Study Booklet

engagement handout

The Engagement Apps Handout is a four page PDF document with iOS app examples for academic, psychological, and social engagement.

iOS Engagement Handout

Assistive Technology handout front icon

The Assistive technology (AT) Handout is a four page PDF document with information, eamples, and resources for using assistive technology in the classroom.

Assistive Technology Handout

specially designed instruction

What's so "Special" About Special Education? An Alignment of Specially Designed Instruction and an MTSS

This four page handout provides a definition of specially designed instruction and how it fits within a multi-tiered system of supports framework.


The AT & UDL NEWS is an electronic newsletter developed by the TLC Team and our local partners, the FDLRS Network and the Local Assistive Technology Specialists (LATS). You can sign up at:


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